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Welcome to Masoala lowland rainforest

This national park is among the largest pristine lowland rain forests, stretching from an altitude of over a thousand meters down to the Indian Ocean. For more information please get in touch with us.

Masoala Safaris

Masoala Safaris focus on ecological tourism, exploring some of the most beautiful parts of north-eastern Madagascar: Masoala National Park, Nosy Mangabe National Park, Makira Natural Park, Farankaraina Reserve, Marojejy National Park and Daraina Reserve. We offer you the chance to explore pristine wilderness areas accompanied by expert local guides.

This is pristine lowland rainforest located in north-east of the island. The predominant vegetation is evergreen forest with tall trees with large buttress roots. Within the evergreen forest are four types of precious tree: rosewood, palisander, ebony and Intsia bijuga. We provide trekking and wildlife discovery, offering visitors to this special place a unique opportunity to view species. You will be rewarded with high levels of species diversity and density, A large number of endemic species, such as the red ruffed lemur, Masoala woolly lemur, Masoala sportive lemur, Anjiahely mouse lemur, silky sifaka and the golden-crowned sifaka can be found only in this area and some of them are critically endangered. Explore the many trails and waterfalls the region has to offer, climbing to canopy towers for bird’s eye views and visiting sites naturally rich in biodiversity.

Madagascar’s fauna and flora are exceptionally endemic, they occur nowhere else. Masoala Safaris’ destinations are high on many travellers’ bucket lists, offering an opportunity to encounter wildlife and interact with Malagasy people. I have been leading and helping tourists plan their perfect safari for 14 years and have compiled this list of the most frequently sought information to help you decide on your travels in Madagascar, especially in the north-east…

Masoala National Park

Masoala National Park is located in the north-east of Madagascar and is the largest of the island’s protected areas. The Masoala peninsula is very different from anywhere else in Madagascar. Here, the primary forest rises from sea level to 1311 metres. Most of the park is situated in the Sava region, although part is in Analanjirofo…

Nosy Magabe National Park

This is an island completely covered by pristine lowland rainforest, offering breathtaking forest vistas and unique wildlife. Beautiful tours, strenuous and not so strenuous, await you. Photograph the wildlife and the island’s forest and ocean landscapes…

Makira Natural Park

Makira Natural Park was created in 2012, and is one of the largest terrestrial protected areas in Madagascar, covering 3.725 square kilometres (1.438 square miles) of low and mid-altitude rainforest. The park lies within three regions: Sava, Sofia and Analanjirofo.

The area’s fauna and flora are extremely rich and diverse, with a very high level of endemism and some of the most important wildlife in Madagascar…

Marojejy National Park:

The Marojejy massif is extremely rich and diverse in fauna and flora. This is a truly great wilderness area, with extensive lowland rain forest containing a wealth of wildlife, including gorgeous silky sifakas, one of the world’s rarest primates…

Daraina Reserve

Daraina Reserve is a parcel of deciduous forest managed by a local NGO called Fanamby which works together with communities to conserve the forest and the critically endangered golden-crowned sifakas (Propithecus tattersalli), one of the rarest of all lemurs and listed as one of the 25 most threatened primates in the world…

Trekking around Masoala peninsula

If you’re up for an adventurous trip, visiting this part of Madagascar will reward you with unforgettable experiences, allowing you to see large rivers, golden, sandy beaches, breathtaking lagoons, preserved reefs, lush rainforests, coastal forests, mangroves…

Farankaraina Reserve

Masoala Safaris explore some of the most remote, biologically unique, and well-preserved wild places that Farankaraina Reserve has to offer. Travel with expert guides, camp or stay in a comfortable lodge, and seek out the nocturnal wildlife such as the aye-aye, greater dwarf lemur, mouse lemur, ring-tailed vontsira,…

Our tours will enable you to discover the wildlife and critically endangered species of this special part of Madagascar.

We are a company of experienced guides and adventure travel enthusiasts. We share our passion for unique experiences with like-minded travellers by taking you to inspiring and remote destinations. Explore Madagascar’s north-east with Masoala Safaris’ adventure travel itineraries. There are few other places on earth where you can find so many truly extraordinary different species.

Masoala Safaris gives you the opportunity to view the abundant wildlife of Madagascar’s north-east in close-up, intimate situations that give you a true insight into wildlife behaviour and the amazing natural interactions that take place in the wilderness. There are few places on earth where you can access and observe wild animals living their natural way of life so closely and yet adventurously. It is possible to watch and photograph the endemic wildlife such as the red ruffed lemur, Masoala sportive lemur, Masoala woolly lemur, Anjiahely mouse lemur, silky sifaka, golden-crowned sifaka and amazing birds, insects, frogs and reptiles,…..

You’ll travel with expert guides and naturalists who know exactly where to find animals of all kinds. Our guided small-group expeditions are the ideal way to explore remote, varied, and pristine habitats that are off the beaten track, allowing you to see wildlife in its natural environment.

Designed for curious explorers like yourself, our adventures are led by expert local guides.

Masoala National Park:

Nosy Mangabe National Park

Makira Natural Park:

Marojejy National Park:

Masoala Safaris

We offer you trips for both wildlife exploration and hiking adventures in the tropical rainforests of Masoala National Park and the neighbouring national parks and reserves. The coastline of the Masoala peninsula offers beautiful, golden, sandy tropical beaches. The village of Ambatolaidama, the mountains of Anjiro and a beautiful waterfall lie on the trek from Maroantsetra to Cap Est. You will see unique forest trees such as Canarium madagascariense and Intsia bijuga, and the wonderful vegetation of the primary forest, secondary forest, coastal forest, mangroves, marine life and, of course, the great landscapes along peninsula.

Between the overnight stays at the first and last points on our itineraries, we always make sure that you have a minimum of five nights, however, that can be more depending on your choice of itinerary. On the tours you have the opportunity to camp on the beach, on riverbanks or in the rainforest, or to stay in basic accommodation in a village, so that you experience the diversity of wildlife and habitats, and village life on whichever itinerary you choose.

Before you start: you should have sunglasses, high-factor sunscreen, a waterproof, insect repellent, shoes or sandals that you can walk through water in and soles that give a good grip, any medicine that you will need to take during the journey, some spare comfortable clothes, as well as warmer clothes for camping at night.

Also be sure to have your camera and/or a phone with you for taking photos, for you’re likely to see many breathtaking sights that you’ll want to capture.

Trekking Maroantsetra to Masoala National Park

Trekking Maroantsetra to Antalaha

Trekking Maroantsetra to Antalaha via Cap East

Trekking Maroantsetra to Antalaha via Cap Masoala